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Post #6 – Interdependency of All Things

February 11, 2013 - Author: Alva - Comments are closed

8:33 p.m., Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yesterday’s blog was mentally and physically exhausting. I can produce about one line with my single finger pecking and, therefore, have to depend on others if I am to continue. My demand that everything be perfect along with my inability to speak clearly is sometimes frustrating. The finished blog required three edits before I was satisfied. I am thankful for the patience and understanding of my wife for her efforts.

Presently I am conducting an interaction with a healthy green Christmas cactus that is perched on the table next to my window. We are a part of each other’s environment and share the same force necessary for life. A third party is also necessary in this play, the sun. When light entered the window this morning the green plant changed its nature from a continued consumer of carbon dioxide to also a producer of oxygen. I, on the other hand, am a consumer of oxygen and the producer of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is poison to animals and oxygen effects plants the same way. Neither plants nor animals can survive without this interdependence of a shared cycling of chemicals. Radiation from the sun furnishes energy for the plant to convert carbon dioxide and other chemicals into plant tissue and growth. This radiation provides the primary energy source to planet Earth and connects with every single living organism in the intertwining of life. It is a given that I share a chemical and molecular relationship with the cactus that has its own respiratory system. We have exchanged atoms that have been around since the world was formed and life will continue to recycle materials for as long as it exists.

The sun is the ultimate source of energy creating all fossil fuels and supports life in its current form. Without doubt this view is not universal as with all beliefs.

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