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Death with Dignity: What if?

February 24, 2013 - Author: Alva - Comments are closed

9:37 p.m. Saturday, February 23, 2013

SUPPOSITION: The “What If” Blog

What if I wanted to discuss a subject that was technically illegal to discuss in NC?

What if I expressed a desire to control my own destiny in the face of approaching helplessness in all respects except mentally?

What if I requested counseling from the medical profession and the public health services? According to the state law, it would be a crime for the health profession to not report such a conversation. That includes family physicians.

What if I had to choose a time in which I could still take action with no help? The window of opportunity is very small. How would I choose a time in which I had the strength to carry out my wishes? According to the law, it would be a criminal act, and all those who could give advice or comfort are restricted from doing so under pain of severe penalty.

What if I could discuss it with my wife? The very act might possibly put her at risk for a lawsuit and criminal charges if she doesn’t report the conversation. So I am condemned to act and think alone. This is actually mental slavery imposed by state law. My respect and concern for those who care for me and love me prevents this discussion.

In view of these circumstances, I could perhaps sue for the right of discourse and free speech.

I firmly believe it is a civil-rights guarantee that I may extract knowledge from my healthcare providers for end-of-life wishes. I am not unique. I am among thousands of like patients in the healthcare system who desire a more active role in the path of their final days.  Perhaps this blog will be noticed by civil-rights advocates, and they will pursue a different set of choices and outcomes than those of the present.

It is my humane inherent right to know my diagnosis, prognosis, and options—and certainly to discuss them without a lecture on moralities or fear of repercussion. Being denied that right, I am thus condemned to solitude on the most important decision I have left.

I hope this article does not incriminate anyone who might respond to my action or thoughts.  Forgive my double-talk, but it was necessary for thought protection

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